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Another wrestling duo, Brandi is known in the ring as Eden Stiles, and had an unorthodox route to the wrestling world! First a news reporter, then promoted to anchor, she only entered the wrestling arena as an announcer for WWE. Meeting Cody Rhodes after being given the task of interviewing him, the pair soon fell in love, and got married in 2013. The adorable couple live in Los Angeles, California. Here’s another fun fact you might not know about Brandi- she’s also a keen figure skater, competing professionally for 17 years from the age of 4!

“Another memory from the’71 Supers was when, during eliminations, Hank’s steering started failing. It was binding and as the race progressed the condition grew worse to the point of questioning if the car could continue. Right after the semifinals I got ‘the call’ on this one also. I knew that the first thing to do was to isolate the source so I started by removing the tie rod. I was lucky because removing the tie rod quickly pinned the source down to the right front spindle. The problem turned out to be the spindle bushing galling on the kingpin and this was probably caused by grease lost from over cleaning. A little wrenching, emery paper, and fresh grease fixed the right front and when I found out that we had a little extra time I rapidly serviced the left front also. This pit work allowed Hank to go on to the finals and the rest is history (again)."

American gladiators nitro steroids

american gladiators nitro steroids


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