Anabolic ketosterones

If you have the money then I recommend this product since it is pretty expensive. I have tried this as a stand alone and stacked with USP Labs Test Powder and Man Sports Nolvadren XT. The second time it worked much better I think. I noticed a pretty significant libido boost which my girlfried at the time loved since I could last a lot longer. My strength and endurance were both afftected as well just like with other test boosters I've tried. For some reason I usually test my strength through dumbell shoulder presses to see if I made any gains. On week 1 and before using Animal Test I could barely get up 3 sets of 10 with the 70lb dumbells. My second week on this I easily busted through 4 sets of 10. So I am satisfied strength wise. My pumps have been a little better. Size wise I really haven't gained any size. I have stayed close to 210 with this. They recommend using a 6 weeks cycle but I will probably only go for 3 weeks which is one can worth. It increased my appetite significantly which is always a good thing unless your cutting. I also felt like I didn't want to leave the gym. (Posted on 5/1/2015)

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Anabolic ketosterones

anabolic ketosterones


anabolic ketosteronesanabolic ketosteronesanabolic ketosterones