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Perceptor was deactivated as a result of the Underbase conflict, and along with his fellow deactivated Autobots, became a source of emotional torment for Ratchet; frustrated by his inability to repair all those under his care, Ratchet was plagued by nightmares, in which he was attacked by the reanimated bodies of his patients. Such a ghoulish scenario briefly became a reality when the Decepticon Sports Car Patrol infiltrated the Ark and took control of the damaged Autobots' motor controls in a plot to drive Ratchet mad. When this dastardly scheme failed to have the desired effect, it was abandoned and Perceptor was rendered inoperative once more. Back from the Dead Ratchet himself seemingly perished soon after, plunging Optimus into a deep melancholy. He had the Ark's computer recount to him all those who had fallen under his command, with Perceptor being among those name-dropped. Yesterday's Heroes!

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Bridge cycles steroids

bridge cycles steroids


bridge cycles steroidsbridge cycles steroidsbridge cycles steroidsbridge cycles steroidsbridge cycles steroids