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In building these, I spent several days looking over each title. I know it's just a stupid men's action series, but as I looked at the covers each one brought back specific memories of things that were going on in my life at the time. Some happy, some sad, but all very real markers and mileposts for me over these past thirty years. I have only ever been involved around the periphery, but James Axler has been a big part of my life for more than two decades now. Running this website has allowed me to meet, and in many cases become friends with, several working authors. I count myself as very fortunate, and I do not believe that this journey has ended.

Marc Bolan (born Mark Feld) was the frontman of legendary glam rock group . He grew up in post-war Hackney, northeast London, and became a singer-songwriter, guitarist and poet.

His first musical project was in school when he played guitar in "Susie and the Hoops", and it was when he moved to Wimbledon that he fell in love with rock and roll legends such as Chuck Berry, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and Arthur Crudup.

Bolan left school at 15, and his career began with modelling and acting, thanks partly to his mod image. Bolan's musical career took off with John's Children, before forming Tyrannosaurus Rex with fellow ex-John's Children member Steve Peregrin Took. Bolan later shortened the group's name to and achieved worldwide fame and adoration.

He died on 16 September 1977 when the Mini his friend was driving crashed on the way home from a restaurant. Fellow member Steve Currie also died in a car crash less than four years later.

Buy for now t bolan

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