Chemtech steroids

Yes, I agree acid reflux is painful but please don’t blame the oil specifically. I use doterra (and other oils) in healing protocols for my clients but I’m always very adamant for them to understand these, although natural are to be though of as medicine. I’m replying just so others know to take it seriously to avoid conditions like your own. DEFINITELY take with food – did you take in a capsule? I hope you didn’t just put the oil in a glass of water as that wouldn’t be good. I only recommend taking internally with a full meal and enough liquid AND not to lay down directly after. Keep in mind, there are risks with everything – people can harm themselves by drinking too much water or taking too many vitamins. The key is to use these things judiciously and only take advice from those that really know what they’re doing!

I could NEVER support, purchase, or be a part of any company where the owner, founder and main man has been arrested multiple times, from assault w/an axe, death of his child, to practicing medicine w/OUT a liscence or degree from any accredited university. He is also involved in 1000’s of medical
Malpractice suits etc. Also, he’s never provided documentation or photos of his “accident”. Look at the video posted by the highly regarded gentleman he was w/ when he visited Somalia in Oct. 2014! The man is a FRAUD that uses people’s faith as a vulnerable way to sink his claws in and lie to them over & over!! If anyone did the littlest amount of research on this guy they would RUN! No way on this earth is he doing what is “claims” to do or are these oils as pure as he claims! Even in his books he talks about things that are not scientifically correct. How in the world he’s not in jail is beyond me! Do your research people! I bet every oil made by YL would produce such results!

Chemtech steroids

chemtech steroids


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