Dbol solo pct

Bridging is an advanced technique that is really not an off-cycle period at all; it's simply the use of low doses of anabolic steroids in-between full blown cycles. Most commonly, low doses of testosterone are used for this purpose, but there is another option. Such an option can be useful if say a 4-5 week break from cycling is needed, and it will protect a lot of your gains, and even give you a slight natural testosterone boost. For this purpose, you will simply supplement with Nolvadex and Dbol every day at 10mg per day each; the Nolvadex will provide a testosterone boost and Dbol total androgen replacement while you're in-between or on your break.

Do the following, and you should keep most of your gains(80% roughly)
1)2 full bottles of Alph Male-with the mini cycle you describe that would be enough to bounce you back up from whatever natural regression that might happen during this time.
2)Use REZ-V 2 full bottles as well. Balancing your test/estrogen levels is one of the most if not THE MOST important after any gear use. Again with the very minimal amount and time you used dbol this will do the job efficiently and fast. If you use those two supplements suggested above you, don’t need any pharma pct.
3)KEEP LIFTING HEAVY- give your muscle a reason to keep your gains. HEAVY lifting will do that, and you should not see any significant strength loss
4)Don’t just eat “Shitload of calories.” eat at least of protein per pound of bodyweight. And ROUGHLY double the carbs then that and its a good starting point ASSUMING YOU ARE NOT CARRYING HIGH AMOUNT OF BODYFAT(OVER 13%)if you are 1 to 1 ratio of protein carbs is a better starting point.
5)limit cardio- do the minimum needed while you off cycle if keeping your muscle gains is a priority.

Dbol solo pct

dbol solo pct