Decadron stress dose steroids

And yet I  was making a lot of these connections.  I was making observations that point straight at this.  If I’d known what adrenal insufficiency was, I’d have suspected it.  But I didn’t.  I’d heard of it – but the context I’d heard of it in, wasn’t one that… worked?  Like… basically I think some people were talking about whether I had 'adrenal fatigue’, which I of course discounted because it was a quack diagnosis handed out to anyone with any kind of fatigue for any reason, and I’d already been harmed by quacks misdiagnosing stuff I had.  So in fact their mention of it made me less likely to think of it as a genuine possibility.  Especially since I think they were mentioning it long before I actually  had it.  …yeah.

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Decadron stress dose steroids

decadron stress dose steroids


decadron stress dose steroidsdecadron stress dose steroidsdecadron stress dose steroidsdecadron stress dose steroidsdecadron stress dose steroids