East german airliner

Pinal Airpark Airport (MZJ) in Arizona
Evergreen International Boeing 747s at the Pinal Airpark in Arizona (Staff photo) The Pinal Airpark Airport , located in Marana, Arizona, northwest of Tucson, is a county-owned airport just north of the Pinal/Pima county line along Interstate 10. It was originally known Marana Army Air Field .

The idea for a flight to Japan was revived again in December 1944 to transport Luftwaffe General Ulrich Kessler to Japan as a replacement for the German air attaché in Tokyo. Ju 290 A-3, no. 0163, was flown to Travemünde for the necessary modifications, but the work was delayed and it was decided to send Kessler aboard the submarine U-234 instead. The aircraft was destroyed on 3 May 1945 as British troops arrived. [10] Some sources claim that the trip to Japan took place, departing from Odessa and Mielec and landing in Manchuria. [11]

East german airliner

east german airliner


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