East german refugees

I had to laugh out loud when the announcer said it would come as a surprise to know that the lovely Miss. Universe was also an engineer. I guess back in the 60’s a beautiful women was only expected to be beautiful, not smart, and to use her charms to her advantage. Too bad that sentiment is still somewhat current today, we have not progressed much in 50 or so years, now have we? Women may indeed work outside the home in greater numbers, but they are not yet paid as much as men for equal work, and still objectified at every turn.

But well before the end of the year, the mood had begun to sour. As the influx continued, even some of Merkel's own supporters began to voice concerns about when it would end and to question exactly how so many people from other cultures were going to be absorbed. Then over the New Year came widely reported allegations of sexual assault on German women by asylum seeker and illegal immigrant men in Cologne and other cities - closely followed by claims that the authorities had failed to prevent the attacks because of "political correctness".

East german refugees

east german refugees


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