East german soldier

Item A50048. Similar but improved version of the old Waterloo Assault Set, this large box contained all nine of the Airfix Napoleonic figure sets ( Waterloo French Infantry , Waterloo French Imperial Guard , Waterloo French Cavalry (Cuirassiers) , Waterloo French Artillery , Waterloo British Infantry , Waterloo Highland Infantry , Waterloo British Cavalry (Hussars) , Waterloo British Artillery and Prussian Infantry 1815 ), plus the original accessories pack and the farmhouse kit (plus paints and brushes). Some amusing schoolboy errors on the packaging don't detract from an impressive set, which also proved that the accessories pack had not been lost.

At the end of the Cold War the German Army fielded 12 divisions with 38 brigades: six Panzer (armoured), four Panzergrenadier (mechanized), one Fallschirmjäger (airborne), and one Gebirgsjäger (alpine) division. Nine divisions were grouped into three corps: I German Corps as part of NATO's Northern Army Group , II German Corps and III German Corps as part of Central Army Group . The remaining three divisions were part of Allied Forces Baltic Approaches ( 6th Panzergrenadier Division ) and NORTHAG's I Netherlands Corps ( 3rd Panzer Division ), while 1st Fallschirmjäger Division was assigned in peacetime to II German Corps and doubled as general staff for the ACE Mobile Force (Land) . [ citation needed ]

East german soldier

east german soldier


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