East german team yankee

The M551 Sheridan was air droppable using LAPES (Low-altitude parachute-extraction system). Not really counted as a true tank more of a recon vehicle that could be an annoyance more than a threat to Soviet armour. When I was with the division (82nd) we dropped everything except aircraft. We had EDRE (Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercise) rotations so a portion of the division was ready to go wheels up in 18 hours to anywhere in the world. During the mid 80′s we knew that the Soviets would not be the push over like the book suggest they might. You have to remember at that time they had a lot of veterans of Afganistan and we had up to that point Grenada and Viet Nam Vets still within the ranks. Our mission in the 82nd was to create as much chaos behind the lines as possible and hopefully draw away some of the resources to cause delay actions. Between the 82nd and the Rangers, our mission was to grab a foot hold or an “island” to stage counter strikes behind the Soviet lines. It was assumed that they would have pushed far ahead and left a softer backside for us to hit.

SAP Challenger Insights – helps the team prepare for each of their European Championship matches by providing data driven insights surrounding an opponent’s offensive and defensive tendencies, formations, and more. Accessed through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, coaches can review the opposing team’s tactical characteristics and create an assumed match plan. The data is available through iPads that DFB players have in their lockers prior to a match or during halftime and delivers the assumed game plan of the opposing team so the team can familiarize themselves with opponent tendencies and reference past video replays.

Scottie Montgomery is fairly fresh to the coaching game and has thus far avoided any of the dick-ish behavior that’s plagued the D25's previous entries. His coaching methods, at least at the individual level, have certainly paid dividends for a plethora of otherwise average Duke receivers that still managed to find spots on NFL practice squads this preseason, as well as for Crowder, who now finds himself a starter for Washington. I’m not stupid enough to believe any coach can’t post a facade for a student reporter, but Montgomery seems to check out.

East german team yankee

east german team yankee


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