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The number of protons in the atomic nucleus also determines its electric charge , which in turn determines the number of electrons of the atom in its non-ionized state. The electrons are placed into atomic orbitals that determine the atom's various chemical properties . The number of neutrons in a nucleus usually has very little effect on an element's chemical properties (except in the case of hydrogen and deuterium ). Thus, all carbon isotopes have nearly identical chemical properties because they all have six protons and six electrons, even though carbon atoms may, for example, have 6 or 8 neutrons. That is why the atomic number, rather than mass number or atomic weight , is considered the identifying characteristic of a chemical element.

Elemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuilding

elemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuilding


elemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuildingelemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuildingelemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuildingelemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuildingelemental nutrition anabolic mass bodybuilding