Hot stuff protein steroids

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Heather, whoever told you gelatin is not a complete protein is correct. It’s not. But, that does not mean the body doesn’t use it. Think of how vegetarians combine proteins to make complete proteins (nuts & legumes). As a protein type you can supplement with gelatin to increase your daily protein intake (6 gms per Tbs) without eating so much meat(I’m a protein type as well and have a hard time getting enough). Take it with your animal protein and it helps with the breakdown of the animal protein.
I hope that helped a bit?

I’m 75 and in good health & started adding vanilla whey protein to my coffee; drink one with each meal, so end up having total of 3 rounded teaspoons of protein in my coffees every day…….anyway, I prepare my ‘mix’ by putting instant coffee, stevia, & the protein powder in my cup. then I ‘stir’ the dry ingredients together for 100 times…….this breaks everything down to a fine powder….while the hot water is going into my cup on my 1-cup coffee maker (love that thing! lol) I stir the mixture..and, Voila! a perfectly-blended cup of protein-ized coffee!! then I add my organic 1/2 and 1/2…………I see no need to ‘cool the coffee down’…and I think my procedure saves at least a little time…TRY IT YOU’LL LIKE IT!! LOL………I’ve always felt that adding the liquid TO the powder, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, is the best way to blend it..just my opinion, of course!!

Hot stuff protein steroids

hot stuff protein steroids


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