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With many laser hair removal techniques, the laser targets a darker hair against the lighter backdrop of the skin. Dr. Garshick says that dermatologists will advise people with darker skin against those treatment types, because if the laser can’t tell the difference between the skin and the hair, then it can burn the skin. That said, there are now safe and effective lasers for those with deeper complexions. “But make sure to seek a laser hair removal specialist, and ask about a laser specific for darker skin types to decrease the chance of any problems,” Dr. Garshick explains. Though estheticians can perform laser hair removal, it's safest to go to a dermatologist—no matter the color of your skin.

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I am deeply saddened by news of the death of Daniel Langdon Jones. Dan started the website back in 1995 and maintained in tirelessly for years. He started it on his own as an enthusiast, without my knowledge, and when i first encountered the site, the info on the exhaustive discography contained releases I didn’t even know about. I contacted him and became the “official” conduit of JG Thirlwell -related info on the internet, which I contributed to. He continued the run the site and we became good friends. We would correspond and talk on the phone regularly, and get together when we were in the same town. He traveled some distances to come to some of my shows. When I started the online Foetus shoppe, Dan also ran that for some years.

One rip steroid

one rip steroid


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