Oral history by t marie kryst

This year, two separate teams were at work developing and testing a polio vaccine. Both projects came to disastrous ends. At New York University, Maurice Brodie, MD (1903–1939), a young researcher, prepared a killed poliovirus vaccine, testing it on chimpanzees, on himself, and finally on children. He enrolled about 11,000 individuals (in both control and vaccine groups) in his trial. Meanwhile, John Kolmer, MD, of Temple University in Philadelphia developed an attenuated poliovirus vaccine, which he tested in about 10,000 children. The tests proved a disaster. Several subjects died of polio, and many were paralyzed, made ill, or suffered allergic reactions to the vaccines. [50]

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Pace, Vance C.
Packer, Earl
Palmby, Clarence D. (Agriculture)
Palmer, Eshaam
Palmer, Margaret Jones (Spouse)
Palmer, Robie . “Mark”
Palmer, Ronald D.
Palmer, Stephen E. Jr.
Parker, Richard B.
Parker, Thomas Jr.
Parks, William
Pastorino, Robert S.
Patterson, Marvin Breckinridge Patterson – 1986 (Spouse)
Patterson, Marvin Breckinridge Patterson – 1988 (Spouse)
Patterson, Mildred A.
Patterson, Sue H.
Pavich, Frank (USAID)
Pazdral, Neul L.
Peasley, Carol A (USAID)
Peck, Edward L
Pedersen, Wesley
Pell, Claiborne
Peltier, Catherine Adams “Casey” (Spouse)
Pendergrast, Dell
Pendleton, Miles S. Jr.
Percy, Charles H.
Perez, Frank H.
Perina, Rudolf V.
Perito, Robert M.
Perna, Anthony J.
Pernick, Irwin
Perry, Cynthia S.
Perry, Jack R.
Petersen, Robert B.
Peterson, Esther – 1989 (Spouse)
Peterson, Esther – 1992 (Spouse)
Peterson, Virginia
Petree, Richard W.
Petterson, Donald K.
Pettus, James
Peurifoy, Betty Jane (Spouse)
Pezzullo, Lawrence A.
Phillips, Christopher H.
Phillips, James D.
Phillips, Rufus C. – 1982
Phillips, Rufus C. – 1995
Phlipot, Constance
Piascik, Lisa
Pickering, Alice (Spouse)
Pickering, Thomas Reeve
Picon, Leon
Piedra, Albert M.
Pielemeier, John D. (USAID)
Pierce, Edward R.
Pierce, William A.
Piez, William
Pike, Douglas
Pillsbury, Philip W. Jr.
Pistor, Michael
Placke, James A.
Plaisted, Joan M.
Platt, Nicholas
Platt, Nick – What Do Ambassadors Really Worry About
Platt, Oliver
Plotkin, Lawrence I.
Plunkett, Margaret L. (Labor)
Poats, Rutherford M. (USAID)
Poats, Rutherford & John Bennett (USAID)
Podol, Richard (USAID)
Polansky, Sol
Pollack, Herman
Pollock, James C.
Pope, William P.
Porter, Dwight J.
Porter, Paul R. (Labor)
Post, Richard St. F.
Potash, Janet R.
Potts, Bertha
Povenmire, Dale M. (Labor)
Povenmire, Marilyn and Dale (Spouse)
Pratt, Mark S.
Pratt, Norman L.
Precht, Henry
Precht, Henry – Iran
Prickett, Russell O.
Primosch, William
Prince, Dorothy (Spouse)
Prince, Julius S. (USAID)
Pringle, Robert
Pryce, Joan (Spouse)
Pyrce, William T.
Puhan, Alfred
Purkey, Malcolm

Oral history by t marie kryst

oral history by t marie kryst


oral history by t marie krystoral history by t marie krystoral history by t marie krystoral history by t marie krystoral history by t marie kryst