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are you kidding me,,, you realize you are now on the radar for pedophiles. You cant hide the NSA and CIA can see everything your dumb fucks. just clicking here probally got your IP. I accidently endup here. and lord knows now I’m a blip on the radar technology is so advanced that you cant hide. Honeypots know what they are? VPN’s LOL yea sure your safe. TOR been broken for a while you cant hide. run underground, Hide . I am a security expert and believe me your already too late if you even viewed and cp. do you know how many places microsoft, google, facebook, amazon, they all know you and what you do some will burn! and rightfully so! go find anyone that has had CP either they have been busted or will be. Not trolling at all but pay attention. Stop the Abuse of innocent children. go back to when the internet didnt exist. use your mind not a video or jpg of a young child. Did you everthing what happens to them when the get older? Metal Issues? Addictions? Suicide? think about it before you look at that next video of a chid being brutalized!

Oral t bol forum

oral t bol forum


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