Positive effects of steroids in sports

When we think of the word “positive,” most of us probably think “happy.” However, happiness isn’t the only type of positivity. There are many ways to be more positive in your life, even when you’re experiencing sadness, anger, or challenges. [1] Research suggests that we have powerful capabilities to choose positive emotions and ways of thinking. [2] In fact, our emotions literally change our bodies on a cellular level. [3] Many of our experiences in life are a result of how we interpret and respond to our surroundings. Fortunately, rather than repressing or trying to “get rid” of negative feelings, we can choose to interpret and respond to them differently. [4] You’ll find that with some practice, patience, and perseverance, you can become more positive.

A research by the Harvard Medical School , internal and external stress can all contribute to a person relapsing into addictive behavior. When you get addicted, your amygdale (which is associated with emotions), your hippocampus (which is associated with memory), the nucleus accumbens (which is associated with high dopamine levels), and the corticotrophin hormone (which is released during stress) are all working together. As a result, your mood, the people around you, and your experiences can all trigger this network and cause the addictive behavior. This is the reason why an addict relapses after smelling a cigarette, experiencing a stressful situation, or after seeing a sexual video image.

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Positive effects of steroids in sports

positive effects of steroids in sports


positive effects of steroids in sportspositive effects of steroids in sportspositive effects of steroids in sportspositive effects of steroids in sportspositive effects of steroids in sports