Presa canario pitbull on steroids

Buenas! Os paso este caso por si conocéis a alguien que quiera un presa canario o por si me podéis ayudar a difundir su caso. Se encontraron al perro en medio del campo con una cadena colgando del cuello, estaba desnutrido y una pareja lo ayudó sin pensárselo dos veces. El perro no tiene chip. Debe tener año y medio. El perro es muy sociable y muy cariñoso. No tiene miedos aparentemente. La pareja que lo ayudó necesita darlo a una persona responsable porque tienen una gata que no está socializada con perros y lo está pasando muy mal. El contacto es Jorge 627 96 46 80. Está en Alcalá de Henares. Madrid. España

I don’t care how game a 70 lb pit is, if it fights a wolf, it will die. And wolves are not the worst thing a pit can come across. A Bully Kutta, Central Asian Shepherd, Kangal, Caucasian Shepherd, or Spanish Mastiff probably is though, they’re at least double the weight of a pit, but are known to be MORE than 3 times the weight. And all 3 are pretty hostile to other dogs. If you pitted a house cat against a lynx, the lynx will win every single time, want to know why? Because even if the lynx isn’t interested, the cat is just too small to be a threat. The fore mentioned dogs either have a coat so dense a wolf can’t bite their neck, or such baggy skin the pit couldn’t get a grip on anything but extra skin, or both! I mean really, it’s like pitting a 100 lb boxer against a 200 lb boxer, no matter how ‘game’ the little guy is, one punch from the big guy and the fight is over. Oh, and because dog fighting is legal where the Bully Kutta, Caucasian&Central Asian Shepherds are from, they’re more game than a pit. 3, 000 years of breeding to be a war dog will do that to a breed, believe it or not, better than 150 years of breeding can! But for its weight, pits are very tough.
I also agree that those are not Boerboels in pic no. 4

Presa canario pitbull on steroids

presa canario pitbull on steroids


presa canario pitbull on steroidspresa canario pitbull on steroidspresa canario pitbull on steroidspresa canario pitbull on steroidspresa canario pitbull on steroids