Tbol underrated

Nice compound, just don't expect to get massive on it. It is a very slow acting compound and I think many people get frustrated taking it because they expect 1lb a day gains like with dbol or Adrol. Not going to happen with tbol, but you should be able to put on at least a couple pounds of retainable lean body mass in a 6 week run of it, which in my opinion is better than putting on 15lbs of water and then dropping it all when done. Tbol gives me wicked shin splints. Makes it tough even walking down the driveway to get the mail and forget about taking the dogs for a walk. One of the nice properties often underlooked with tbol is its effect on reducing SHBG. If you have issues with gyno and/or bloat then I think tbol is a better alternative then dbol.

Tbol underrated

tbol underrated


tbol underratedtbol underrated