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Agreeded, but a person that never ligted ( or only a couple years under their belt) before does a cycle they will gain some mass but most likely not keep it because they don't have the diet and training diclipine to maintain the gains, not to mention the health risks the could occur if you just jump into a cycle withouth having a solid foundation or even worse destroying your natural hormone system and not be able gain anything without the use of drugs. The list goes on and on, we are so fortunate here to have vets to use for their knowledge and wisdom.

Important Disclosure:  I get a small referral fee from Amazon if you purchase the  three supplements  I recommend. I provide this website, the forum, and my videos completely free of charge, these sales help support my continued fitness work. You know I only rarely recommend the purchase of anything. If you are not 100% convinced you need something, don’t buy it! If you find better prices on any of these items anywhere, please buy the cheapest product and send me the link! Just check out the store carefully, ‘cheaper’ is not always less expensive – only deal with places that have good customer service and 100% satisfaction guarantees. I have always used amazon for my own purchases because I find them to be a great combination of good prices and top notch customer satisfaction which is why I use them here.

Think steroids forum

think steroids forum


think steroids forumthink steroids forumthink steroids forumthink steroids forumthink steroids forum