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Great article Chris! I prefer SpaceSnoidder to WinDirStat. It's a very similar tool, but the display is clearer, in my opinion anyway. I also like to use IObit Uninstaller, which has a "batch remove" mode (Revo is also excellent, but doesn't have this option). Since I use IObit, I no longer bother with PC Decrappifier since the IObit software effectively does the same job and more.
Finally, there IS a time and place to use CCleaner's registry cleaner, and that is when the system is working "not quite right". This will often occur after an installation or uninstall or when recovering from a crash, malware infection etc. Things will sort of work, but filed associations are wrong, right click doesn't work or other such oddities. In those cases I find that registry cleaning will often help beca I sent it also contains an element of error detection. I always do all cleaning first and back up the registry settings, though.

Uninstall web steroids

uninstall web steroids


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